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Do you suffer from cracked and dry skin? Are you tired of those black spots? Our face wash cures that and much more. DescriptionThis Facewash cleans, smoothens and hydrates the skin. Lavender extracts in it helps in treating severe dry skin along with brightening skin tone.Volume (120ml)Gives hydra..
This nourishing face cream is essential for moisturizing your face and contains no chemical compounds such as parabens or sulphates. It is also cruelty free. DescriptionPinksoul’s saffron skin whitening cream has powerful natural ingredients such as saffron, licorice and sandal extracts, almond p..
Summer is here and so are dark spots and acne. But they are not here to stay! Pinksoul’s Glowtime Polisher Kit is the best facial kit in that it is made of purely organic ingredients that make your skin glow. DescriptionPinksoul’s Glowtime Polisher Kit is the best facial kit in Pakistan with pure..
Purchase our whitening facial kit containing all natural ingredients that are based in Saffron. These products give to you clear and glowing skin and cleanse it, going far beneath the surface. DescriptionBased on all natural ingredientsWith sandal, saffron and licorice extractsGives clear glowing ..
Pinksoul’s wonder gold shampoo is the best in the market for hair growth, dandruff and long, silky hair. DescriptionIt is the best shampoo for hair growth, dandruff, long and strong hair Helps in removing dandruffIncreases hair growth and gives volume to hairStops hair fall100% organicVolume ..
Caffeine does not only serve to wake you up. It can do away with all the side effects of a lack of a good night’s sleep. The caffeine in this serum does away with puffiness and dark circles, enriching your under eyes. DescriptionBlend of infused coffee oils and some magical ingredients to take a..