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About Us

Welcome to Pink Soul, where we develop the finest range of skin care and hair care products based on fresh, natural and organic ingredients.

Our Vision

At Pink Soul we have a vision to deliver you the finest quality of natural beauty products that will help your skin in rejuvenating making it look more fresh and beautiful. We convey what’s best from nature and science into useful products for people and our planet. Pink Soul are made thoughtfully and beautifully, infusing the best of nature and knowledge into mindful and effective products that are simply good for you.

100% Non-GMO

We are the first company in Pakistan to launch NON- GMO Verified products. Products those are absolutely organic and natural. As an organization we want to create products that are in accordance with who we are and so we set out to not only commit to but to CHAMPION our beliefs and ultimately, lead the way for others to follow suit.

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