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Body Bloom

Body Bloom
Body Bloom
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Body Bloom
Body Bloom
Body Bloom
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Give your skin the care it deserves with Body Bloom. This cream is the best whitening cream for underarm and bikini line. It has the goodness of Papaya, Citrus, White Mulberry Extracts, Organic Wax, and various Essential Oils. 

Filled with rich organic ingredients, Body Bloom evens out the skin tone of your underarms and bikini area with the rest of your body, so you can relax and stay fresh. It works as a deodorant as well, doing wonders by effectively reducing your body odour. Body Bloom is the best underarm whitening cream in Pakistan because of the unique arrangement of organic ingredients. 

It not only acts as the most effective underarm whitening cream, but it also saves your skin from any damage.




White Mulberry Extracts

Organic Wax

Essential Oils

How to Use?

Apply it after shower on damp skin and let it absorb completely. You will start feeling fresh as soon as applied. 


To get the maximum benefit & instant results out of Body Bloom, use the cream on dark underarms and inner thighs after shower. Don’t dry your skin completely. Let it be slightly damp and then apply it so that it can be absorbed into your skin completely. It is available in 60ml packaging.

The freshness of our natural underarm whitening cream lasts for 24 hours.

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