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Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential Oils: What They Are And How They Are Used.

Essential oils’ benefits have been boasted since antiquity but most people lack a basic understanding about pure essential oils, as to what they are and what are their basic uses. Essential oils are plant extracts, obtained through mechanical means (like cold pressing) or via distillation, that capture the essence/scent/flavor of the plant. The process of extraction is of vital importance since the ones obtained through chemical processes aren’t considered pure or true essential oils. The compounds extracted are also combined with a carrier oil to mitigate any side-effects they may have in their original form before essential oils benefits may be reaped.

What Are Some Of The Common Essential Oils Uses?

Now that we’ve answered “what are essential oils?” the next logical question is regarding their major applications. Essential oils have a cornucopia of uses including aromatherapy, stress relief, anxiety relief, headache/migraine treatment, anti-biotic/anti-microbial effects, anti-inflammatory effects, insomnia treatment, skincare, haircare, etc.

Key Considerations While Buying An Essential Oil

The usage spectrum for essential oils is vast but in terms of personal care, they are especially beneficial for hair and skin care. Each essential oil has a set of particular benefits and you should choose your essential oils in accordance with the application required. If you are looking to buy essential oils in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad or any other city within Pakistan look no further. Pinksoul brings you Pure Natural Essential Oils In Pakistan, check out our Organic essential oils list for detailed benefits of each oil. Some of the basic things you need to consider while making a purchase include:

  1. Quality: The extraction process, as aforementioned, is of crucial importance and true essential oils are the ones that aren’t changed during extraction by any chemical additives or processes.

  2. Purity:  Make sure that the oil you’re buying only contains plant extracts/compounds and there are no synthetic oils added to the mix.

  3. Reputation: Make sure that you check out customer reviews and buy products from a quality brand that is known in the market for its quality control, like Pinksoul.

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