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A perfect tool for your massage needs. Give your face e relief from all the dirt and oil residue with this ice roller...
LET'S  GLOW SERUMClarifies and evens out the skin tone.Transforming infusion of vitamin E and C for skin revitalizing 20 mlLet's Glow serum promises to restore vitality and bring a natural glow to your skin making it clearer and brighter with each application. It improves skin texture and ..
Introducing Get Set Go Facial. With its Real Rose Extracts,Vitamin B3, White Mulberry Extracts, Cleansing and Scrubbing properties this product is ready to become the ultimate facial solution for you. Benefits• Sulphate free Cleansing• Mild Exfoliator to Remove Blackheads, Whiteheads and Dead s..
4 in 1 Foot FilerKeep your feet looking beautiful all seasons - with just one unique file that has a combo of 4 different features. Use this 4-in-1 pedicure foot scrubber to help clean and smooth skin for a beautiful feet.1. Nail and Cleansing BrushUse this nail brush to clean feet and nails. 2..
Ultimate Glowing Skin Bundle Rice Radiant Range promises to deliver Brighter, Smoother, Nourished and Healthier looking skin with its microfine rice brans that will gently exfoliate and smooth the skin for a more luminous complexion.Benefits:Brightens SkintoneClears Dark Spots and Pigmentation&..
Rice Rich SerumWater Embellishing Rich in vitamin B and powerful antioxidantsBrightens Up Skin complexion Removes Dark Spots and Pigmentation Nourishing, Tender, Moist and Soft Boosts Collagen Production and Improves Skin ElasticityUse this serum before the rice cream to double the ef..