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Serums are important as they absorb into the skin quickly and slide on smoothly. Include a serum into your skincare routine and watch the magic unfold. DescriptionTreats acneShrinks poresRemoves Acne scars15mlExpiry 8 monthsPinksoul acne care serum effectively removes acne and pimples. Its regula..
Don’t want to go to the salon? What if we said that we can bring the salon home to you! Our Glow Box At Home deal is made specially for those that want glowing skin this Eid. Shop on!DescriptionWe bring to you a Glow At Home deal so you don’t have to go to the salon and can get that perfect glow ..
Do you want to pamper yourself this weekend? Are you looking to add some life to your Eid? Use our Lush Whitening Mani-Pedi Kit and leave all your friends awestruck at the way you glow. DescriptionPinksoul Lush Beauty mani-pedi kit is made of natural skin whitening ingredients such as White Mulbe..
This non-chemical mask cleanses and exfoliates the skin. Made of natural ingredients and combined with bentonite clay, this helps to even out your skin tone and diminish large pores. DescriptionPinksoul's Strawberry Mask is made with natural ingredients. The strawberry extracts along with bentoni..
Shine bright like a diamond! This Pomegranate based serum is enriched with vitamin C which firms the skin and shrinks the pores, fighting against dullness and bringing out your youthful, inner beauty. DescriptionPinksoul's Pomegranate serum is enriched with vitamin c. It firms the skin, shrinks p..
This Peach Scrub taken only from the best peach extracts exfoliates your skin to reveal a natural glow, smoothening it beyond your wildest imagination.DescriptionPinksoul peach scrub gently exfoliates to reveal smooth radiant skin made with 100% natural exfoliates which gives healthy glow...
Are you tired of acne? Have you been to every store out there, looking for a solution? Well, your search is over as you have finally come across the one product that will penetrate deep into your skin and cleanse your pores, removing impurities from the top layer, leaving it smooth to the touch...