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A good lip balm is enough to keep your lips moisturized and to keep you from licking them dry all day long. Add to that a pink hue and it is a recipe for success.DescriptionPinksoul's hello pink lip balm hydrates lips and makes them pink naturally as it has beetroot extract as its base ingredient..
The beetroot extract in this scrub makes for a perfect ingredient, staining the lips naturally and revitalizing them by removing dead skin. DescriptionThis 100% natural lip scrub made up of beetroot powder and cinnamon, which removes dead skin from lips, plumps lips and helps dark lips by making ..
All the benefits of almonds and oats packed into one scrub, this product will deeply cleanse your skin and nourish it back to life, giving you a fresh start to the day. DescriptionGives long lasting glowRemoves dead and dull skinImproves skin tone Anti-agingIngredientsPerfect blend of almonds, oat..
This amazing combination of orange peel, sandalwood, turmeric and saffron includes many essential herbs that go into the creation of beautiful, glowing skin. DescriptionAn amazing combination of orange peel, sandalwood, turmeric, saffron and other beneficial herbsGives instant and long lasting gl..
Do you want to add some shine to your hair? No matter what the weather outside, this wonder oil brings to you shine from within. Enriched with unique herbs that penetrate deep within the scalp, this oil nourishes the roots and prevents hair loss, all in one. DescriptionPinksoul's wonder G..
This lip scrub and balm combination contains all the benefits of beetroot and cinnamon, which serves to remove dead skin from the lips, plumps them up and helps to lighten them naturally. DescriptionLip Scrub:This 100% natural lip scrub made up of beetroot powder and cinnamon, which removes dead ..
First of its kind, this rosy glow mask is made specifically for dull and mature skin. get the best deals and the best results here at Pinksoul!DescriptionDried rose petals, husn-e-yosuf and some very effective secret ingredientsReady to give you the desired glow Gives soft naturally dewy skinLock..