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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer product replacements in specific scenarios such as damaged delivery, our team sending the wrong order, or if there was a mistake on our end. For wrong orders, we request customers to return the incorrect product, and we will send the correct one. In cases of minor damage, we assess the details and take appropriate actions accordingly.

You can make payments for your order through Cash on Delivery, Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa.

Yes, you can cancel or edit your order until it has been dispatched. Please contact us as soon as possible to make any changes.

No, all product returns should be requested within the 7-day time frame. Any requests made after that period will not be accommodated.

Stop using the product. Wash the affected area. Apply a cold compress. Avoid further irritants. Seek medical advice if necessary.

When it comes to targeted anti-aging products they are recommended for individuals in their late 20s or early 30s. This is because the signs of aging start to become more apparent during this time.

Face creams are specialized for specific needs like brightening and hydrating, while body lotions focus on firming and moisturizing the body.

Skincare products can cause an itchy, red rash as a sign of allergic reaction. Other symptoms like dryness, flakiness, bumps, and uneven skin tone may indicate irritation from certain ingredients.

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