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We introduce to you fresh and exciting new bundles that will become an essential part of your skincare routine.Products includedUbtanCharcoal mask Charcoal scrub Neem facewash Acne serum Watermelon jelly(Any mini tint)..
Rs4,550 Rs5,180
We have bundles of delight, waiting for you, packed with love and care. Enjoy all the benefits of a spa and a salon within your home all wrapped in one.Products IncludedUbtanLipbalm and scrub Saffron tonerSaffron facewash Lash serum Coffee serumAny mini tint..
Rs4,250 Rs4,800
Don’t want to go to the salon? What if we said that we can bring the salon home to you! Our Glow Box At Home deal is made specially for those that want glowing skin this Eid. Shop on!DescriptionWe bring to you a Glow At Home deal so you don’t have to go to the salon and can get that perfect glow ..
Rs6,700 Rs7,700
Some people were born to glow. You can be amongst those! Flaunt your skin that will instantly become radiant after you use our Glowing Skin Combo. DescriptionGet glowing bright skin at home by using out these products. Products includedGlow time polisher kitSaffron Brightening facial kit..
Rs4,250 Rs4,750
We know what you want! Skin that shines with radiance. Rejuvenated and revitalized with one of our Radiant Skin Bundles. Purchase now for beautiful skin!Description:For dry skinGet glowing smooth skin with these magical productsProducts IncludedUbtanRosy glow mask Lavender tonerLavender facewashBu..
Rs4,250 Rs4,850
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