With the wedding season kicking in, there is nothing like the right lip color to get you in the right mood. But how do you make it stay in place in between multiple sips of drinks?

Wearing lipstick instantly enhances your entire look until it is wiped off to be left behind your glass and snacks. If your lipstick is fading and smudging, it means you have applied it all wrong. Fortunately, there are many ways you can set yourself with the perfect pout to last all through the day. Follow these simple tricks for long lasting lipstick we have outlined for you.

Choose the shade you like

You must decide on a look that would work for you. Be it matte or lustrous, muted or vivacious your lip shade can actually upgrade your look. There is no denying that the red statement pout is forever flattering, lately, there has been a revival of interest in the soft romanticism of rouge and nudes. 

Those who wish to elevate from the regular neutrals will find a contender in velvety hints giving a rosy glow to your skin. If you want to opt for classics, red has been the show-stopper. If you wish to go for a subdued statement like that in spring, you can dab some lip pigment on your lips dabbing it evenly with your fingers. Or if you want to rock a perfectly lined lip look, you need to have the right tools at hand. An angled brush that has the perfect bristles makes it easy to line your lips with more control. 

Opt for a flattering formula

When you have decided upon the color among the best organic lip care products you want to go with, you need to take the next crucial step of choosing the right formula. So, you have the luminous gloss that doesn't budge on your big event or a liquid matte formula that is just right to be caught by the camera. 

Though the luminescent gloss is something all of you would rather go with, the latter can clock in maximum hours between touch-ups. Creamy formulas fall in the midst of the spectrum but may require added thoroughness when prepping your lips for longevity. If you are wondering which is best long lasting lipstick, our personal favorite is Pout Love by Pinksoul. It comes in different shades of pinkish nude, nude, deep red and pink. They have a long lasting creamy matte formula that will stay all through the day. 

Treat dryness

There are those who treat dry lips with a lip balm and they are good to go, and then there are a cursed few who regardless of smearing limitless balm cannot seem to get rid of chapped lips. Anyway, irrespective of the type you belong to, you must treat your lips to a soothing therapy, you don’t want to spend the entire event sneaking away for touch-ups! 

What you must do is, heat up a chamomile tea bag in hot water, wring it out, and press it against your lips for some time. The calming properties of chamomile tea render it suitable for sensitive skin as well, it will soften the dead and dry layers of skin on your lips. You can then press your favorite lip balm on your lips and painlessly scrub away the flakes with a toothbrush for a smooth finish. 

Ensure your color stays put

Wondering how to make your lipstick last longer? Well not any different from priming your skin before applying foundation and eye makeup, lining the outer rim of your lips using a concealer will help the color stay for longer periods without feathering away. A generous amount of concealer offers the benefit of your lips looking fuller and neutralizing them to provide a solid base for other stains to latch on to. 

Prime it right

Who doesn’t want their lip shade to stay prior to sipping drinks? It is not rocket science. Once you have applied the concealer, you can lightly trace your lips. Make sure that the pencil liner is the same shade as that of your lipstick. Then blend it with a liner in small strokes towards the center of your lips.  

For an unyielding application, till the last photograph of the event, a waterproof lip liner must be included in your beauty kit. The velvety texture of the waterproof lip liner offers staying power for up to six hours and a strong base for other pigments. 

Layer it up

One of the tips for long lasting lipstick is layering. When you are done with the first application, you can lightly dust your lips with some translucent powder, before you add another layer. Though this does seem long, adding an extra step to your routine, but the long-wearing color makes it absolutely worth it. 


The flawlessly applied lip color won’t have any longevity if you don’t blot it adequately before you step out. What you can do is, fold a tissue paper in half, then press it between your lips a bit to ensure that the spare pigment is removed from your pout to stay for the long haul. As recommended by most experts, you can also blot in between each layer application, so the color is sealed in. 

The final verdict

Girls if you have trouble with your lipstick smudging and smearing all over, simply follow the steps we have listed down for you.