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20 Nov 5 Steps To Apply Liquid Lipstick to Contour Your Lips
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In the range of beauty products, nothing can top liquid lipsticks in style and radiance. Fluid formulas have become trendy over the past few years and have become a fashion necessity among many people..
20 Nov 10 Most Common Hair Problems and Ways To Fix Them
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Hair problems are easy to get and hard to get rid of. But it is not impossible! In fact, some of the remedies are quite easy and cheap. Dandruff, hair loss, dry hair, oily scalp, split ends, frizzy ha..
13 Nov How to Prepare Ubtan for Brides
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Not a big fan of DIY recipes for skin? Well, these ubtan recipes will surely get you intrigued.Being widely used by brides, ubtan is an age-old skincare ingredient tracing all the way back to your gra..
13 Nov 3 Simple Hacks to Make Lipstick Stay Longer All Day
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With the wedding season kicking in, there is nothing like the right lip color to get you in the right mood. But how do you make it stay in place in between multiple sips of drinks?Wearing lipstick ins..
13 Nov Neem Face Wash: The Best Kept Secret for Clearing Pimples
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The benefits of neem suggest that limited skincare superfoods hold as much clout in the regular Pakistani household as neem. It makes for a multi use pharmacy, from the leaves to the bark because of w..
10 Nov Effective Ways to Boost Collagen & Reduce Face Inflammation
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It is unlikely that you have walked down the skincare aisle and not come across the word collagen! In fact, all skincare products today have something to do with boosting collagen production in your s..
10 Nov Rose Water Magic: 5 Surprising Ways to Use Rose Water
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Have you noticed the simple whiff of rosewater freshens your mind and its mere application on your skin is oh-so soothing? Rose water extracted from the rose plant (Rosa damascene) possesses antibacte..
10 Nov Guard Your Skin Against Pollution: Anti-Pollution Skincare Measures
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Clearly, pollution is not the best environment for your skin to thrive in. Its long-term effects on your skin can actually be unfavorable for your overall appearance. Though planning to retire among b..
10 Nov The Importance of Essential Oils as Makeup Removers | Benefits and Application
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While most of you would consider cleansing all that makeup on your face at the end of a long day, a drag; sleeping with it isnt good for you either.For all you lazy women, it is very important to unde..
08 Nov Discover the Remarkable Benefits of Using Hydrating Lip Scrub
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Most of you must be familiar with face scrubs and body scrubs. But when it comes to lip scrubs you are often blank! Well, just like all other parts of your skin need some love and pampering, so do you..
07 Nov The Importance of Eye Care: Best Eye Creams for Brighter Eyes
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Our eyes are our greatest gift but they can become a liability when they look dull. It ruins your appearance and seemingly, only makeup can save you from embarrassment. But wait up! Eye creams can giv..
31 Oct Discover Rice Water: The Best Natural Toner for Your Skin
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Trends in skin care change with changing times as we learn more about the benefits and harms of many ingredients. There are many benefits of rice water for the skin that have been found over time. Wha..
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