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09 Jan 5 Habits That Might Cause Premature Aging (And How To Stop Them)
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At times certain habits like sleeping on your stomach and too much screen time may cause telltale grooves on your face.The most visible signs of aging are usually fine lines and wrinkles. These are ca..
09 Jan 6 Common Mistakes People Make When Cleansing Dry Skin
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Cleansing your skin may sound like a simple no-brainer. Lather, rinse and you are done. But what to do if your skin gets overly dry?If you have dry skin and lack the desired luster, you would want to ..
09 Jan 5 Best Acne Scar Treatments for Smoother Skin
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Finding remedies to treat acne breakouts is only half the battle. The real struggle starts when you have to deal with the scarring that follows.There has been a growing concern about the marks left be..
09 Jan Do Eggs Cause Acne? Here's What You Need to Know
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I have been through an arduous journey in my quest for clear skin. In this process, I have searched for the causes of acne. Is it the food I consume? Does boiled egg cause pimples ? Could it be stress..
09 Jan How Long It Takes for Skincare Products to Show Results
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You jump on the bandwagon to buy the much-raved skincare product, but how long do you have to wait till it produces visible results?Many of you spend hundreds of bucks on getting the right skin routin..
09 Jan 10 Proven Methods to Prevent Hair Breakage
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Hair breakage may occur as a result of some internal and external factors alike. Understanding these root causes of hair breakage will help you to take the required precautions to avoid this issue.Che..
09 Jan What’s the Difference Between BB, CC, And DD Creams
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You are no longer confined to your regular foundation. From BB creams, and CC creams to DD creams you now have endless choices at your fingertips.Foundation is a holy grail for some women, it covers a..
08 Jan Sunburn vs. Sun Poisoning: Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention
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You all know sunburn is bad, but do you think sun poisoning is worse? It not only fast-tracks the visibility of premature aging signs but also increases the probability of skin cancer. What’s more, it..
08 Jan 7 Common Signs Of Hard Water Effects On Hair
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How to prevent hard water hair damage? If your hair care routine includes proper shampoo and conditioning treatments yet still leaves your locks dry, frizzy or unruly, the cause could be hard water da..
08 Jan Prevent Hair Loss in Women With These Expert Tips
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Do you wake up every day to find stray strands of hair on your pillow followed by finding a dark clump in the drain, only to know you have lost more hair?Hair loss seems to be a common concern among w..
08 Jan Winter Skincare Routine: Keep Skin Healthy & Hydrated
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With the cold weather kicking in, it is not only your wardrobe that needs a refresh, you need to shake up your skincare as well.You can tell it is winter when the silky texture of your skin is home to..
29 Dec 7 Ways to Prevent Premature Aging of the Skin
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It is rather an unfortunate fact that your skin begins to show the telltale signs of aging as you grow….While age may be just a number, it is visible on your skin in the form of pesky fine lines. Thou..
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